Welcome to Brookvale Pines Farm

We pride ourselves in healthy and sustainable pasture based farming practices to produce beef, poultry, eggs, pork, raw milk and cream for our local consumers. Stop by today and experience what the farm has to offer.

NEWS: Our Chicken Bus!

Our revolutionary chicken bus was featured on NBC! See the video below:
NBC video

Our Perspective

Brookvale Pines Farm is committed to family and the community.  We are currently the fourth generation to be working this family farm with the belief that animals and land should be connected the way that nature intended.  Having a connection to the food you eat and knowing how it was raised helps us make healthier food choices.  Buying your food local, direct from the farm is the best way to know how it was raised.

Every dollar is a vote! (One that actually counts)

Supporting local farms is important to the community and to your own health. Please stop by and decide for yourself if you like our farming practices.  We encourage you to look around and check out the animals when you visit.  Returning customers provide the only certification we are seeking.

Enough Said...Eat Grass Fed!


There is always something happening at Brookvale Pines.  From equestrian events to educational presentations there is something for everybody.  Check out our events page to see what we are up to today.

Our Store

While you are here, check out our store.  Enjoy the benefits of a farm fresh diet! We offer a fantastic selection of products that are guaranteed fresh with no additives. You will find our cases packed with chicken, eggs, raw milk, USDA approved beef, pork,and more. Want a juicy steak or maybe a fresh chicken breast for dinner? If you can't decide then you should check out our bundle packs- a variety of cuts at discount price! Stop in today, your family will thank you!